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Lowell Academy Hairstyling Institute provides an inspiring industry leading education through hands-on, real-world experience. Our curriculum is specifically designed to teach our students the technical, personal and professional skills necessary to work as a successful industry professional.


Our Mission

It is the mission of Lowell Academy to ensure that every student is afforded the opportunity to learn their perspective craft inside an environment that fosters creativity and confidence. Students are encouraged to explore their creative process, talents and abilities inside a judgement free atmosphere of like-minded individuals.

Financial Aid Options

Being an accredited institution affords us the ability to offer many different financial lending options to our students. Financial difficulties should never be the reason a person is unable to pursue an education-we make sure it isn’t! Contact our financial aid office and let us help you decide which options are right for you.

Additional Certifications

Becoming an industry professional takes time and hard work. We make sure that time and effort is spent preparing our students to become a successful part of this industry. Hair shows, field trips and real-world experience allow our students the opportunity to network with salon owners and other industry professionals.

Here's What our Students are Saying...

"Attending Lowell Academy was an AMAZING experience! It was the best possible decision I could have made. Highly recommend Lowell Academy!"

Jessy, Class of 2018

"Without the remarkably talented and amazing instructors at Lowell Academy none of this would have been possible. I love you all!"

Stephanie, Class of 2018

"I have so many new friends and I learned so much while I was at school. I had such a fun time and I know I will have a long successful career that started at Lowell Academy."

Victoria, Class of 2018

"I had an amazing experience! It has been a wonderful opportunity to be able to to go to such a flexible school. I'm glad I chose Lowell Academy!"

Ailynn, Class of 2019