Lowell Academy is a nationally accredited institution governed by the US Department of Education, The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS), and the State of Massachusetts. Lowell Academy opened it’s doors in 1933, became incorporated in 1959 and nationally accredited in 1966.

The Mission of Lowell Academy

It is the mission of Lowell Academy to ensure that every student is afforded the opportunity to learn their perspective craft inside an environment that fosters creativity and confidence while being prepared for employment post graduation. Students are encouraged to explore their creative process, talents and abilities inside a judgement free atmosphere of like-minded individuals

A Simple Philosophy Towards Teaching

For over eighty years Lowell Academy has submitted to a simple and honest philosophy that can be broken down into three primary components:

  • Provide a good and well-rounded education
  • Provide proper preparation and understanding of industry expectations
  • Provide job placement assistance and career advisement

It’s that simple! Receiving a proper education is crucial to having success in any industry – particularly cosmetology. When we are properly educated we feel confident and when we are confident the possibilities are endless.

Industry Networking & Opportunities 

Our relationships with local salons and stylists allow our students great employment and networking opportunities. Networking and inter-industry relations are essential in becoming a successful stylist or salon owner. As a Lowell Academy graduate you will be considered by many as being of the highest caliber and well-prepared for employment. As an alumni of Lowell Academy you are welcome to come back anytime if you would like help looking for employment . We offer job placement assistance for life!

The Curriculum

For over ten years we have employed a curriculum provided by Milady. Milady has been the corner stone of the beauty and wellness industry for over eighty-five years. They are a trusted and proven brand that we are pleased to be affiliated with. Learn more about Milady and the education they offer by going to www.milady.cengage.com

Technology Inside & Outside the Classroom

Each student receives their own iPad Air loaded with an eBook to use throughout the program. Using iPad and eBook technology offers many advantages that aren’t available with traditional textbooks. Technology like the iPad has allowed education to move far beyond conventional teaching and methods of learning. Our students do not rent or borrow these devices, they own these devices, and are encouraged to use them at any point through-out their career.

The iPad is a fantastic tool to build a beautiful and modern portfolio to display your work. This can help build and keep a lasting clientele after becoming a stylist. It is also a great tool to use for promotion and networking via social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A Healthy Learning Environment

We have a strong and healthy respect for structure and its relationship to the learning process. We also have an understanding that each student requires different ingredients to grow. An environment must be conducive to both learning and teaching. It is important to us that our students spend their time in a place that does both, inspires and motivates. Our Instructors have all been part of this industry and understand what it takes to be successful both during school and after.

This is an industry comprised of creative, hands-on people that need room to explore their talents, artistry and individuality. We don’t allow negativity inside the classroom, rather our instructors prefer a much more respectful and optimistic approach to teaching.

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